Trzeci solowy album Lidii jest owocem współpracy z Piotrem "Dzikim" Chancewiczem (gitarzysta grupy Mech) oraz niemieckimi twórcami Jensem Lueckiem i Berndem Kimpelem (współtwórca eurowizyjnej piosenki Lidii).

  1. Mały krok
  2. Pocałuj mnie
  3. Na moment
  4. Nie obiecuję
  5. Pod słowami
  6. Nie oszukuj się
  7. Dajmy sobie czas
  8. Od nowa
  9. Świt
  10. Rejs
  11. Światło dnia
  12. Silence After All

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The winner of the “Trendy” contest during the Top Trendy Festival 2006, the vocalist of the German music band “Kind Of Blue” presents the successor of “Intuition” from the year 2006. This album tells in which moment of life I am, in which moment of life are the people who feel similarly although they might be at completely different age. This album is about emotions which are hard to define and are in the interpersonal space – this is what the artist tells about her solo album. The artist has a warm, four octave voice. Thirteen songs by: Bernd Klimpel (the leader of the music band “Kind Of Blue”), Jens Lueck, Filip Sojka as well as Rob Hoffman and Heather Holly (this couple is responsible for the success of such well-known artists as: Janet Jackson, Phil Collins, Sheryl Crow, Michael Jackson, Hole and Quincy Jones) with lyrics written by Lidia and Andrzej Ignatowski, mostly in Polish, tell the story of the artist’s emotions which are hard to define – both the positive and the negative ones.

  1. Leaving The Night
  2. Rozmawiać z tobą chcę (I Want to Talk To You)
  3. Czy pomyślałaś (Have you thought)
  4. Ostatni dotyk (The Last Touch)
  5. Skąd to wiesz (How Do You Know)
  6. Tamta łza (That Tear)
  7. Nie poddawaj się (Do Not Give Up)
  8. Carnevale Veneziano
  9. Niczego nie żałuję (I Do Not Regret Anything)
  10. Gdy kochasz mnie (When You Love Me)
  11. Przed świtem (Before Dawn)
  12. Dobrze mi jest (I Feel Good)
  13. On A Silent Night

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Lidia is a vocalist who has been acknowledged to be a discovery of this year’s Top Trendy Festival organized by the Polish Television. She has co-operated with the German music band “Kind Of Blue” and her voice is compared to Celine Dion’s and Barbra Streisand’s voice. The Lidia’s solo album contains sixteen pop songs. Most of them have been recorded in English but there have also been created four beautiful songs especially for Polish fans the authors of which are Jacek Cygan, Inka Korniszewska – her “Poziomki” (“Wild strawberries”) and “Zapomniałam” (“I forgot”) sung by Urszula Sipińska are on the list of 80 biggest hits of the Polish Radio up to now – and Lidia herself.

  1. Under Control
  2. Sleep
  3. Hold On
  4. Like A Feeling
  5. It Must Be Love
  6. Sometimes
  7. Intuition
  8. Just A Show
  9. The Winner Takes It All
  10. I Keep On Walking
  11. Love is waiting
  12. Life
  13. Twe milczenie nie jest złotem
  14. Magia (It Must Be Love)
  15. Zawsze jest czas (Sometimes)
  16. Obrączki (Life)

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The vocalist of the music band “Kind Of Blue” since 2003. Their first joint album entitled “Beating The Morning Rush” was released in Germany at the end of the year 2004. In 2005 “Kind Of Blue” with their vocalist Lidia Kopania took part in the Debuts Competition in Opole. They sang the song “Pocałuj mnie” (“Kiss me”) which turned out to be a big hit.

  1. Black and Blue
  2. Run
  3. What's In A Kiss
  4. Being You
  5. Metropolis
  6. Rising Sugar
  7. Belsize Park
  8. My Love Went Running
  9. Sleep
  10. Turning
  11. Morning Light
  12. Strange
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