Lidia comes from Koluszki where she spent her childhood but she was born in Łódź.

She was brought up in the house where a lot of attention was paid to the development of the interest in the diversity of the world and people. She remembers that her parents often organised trips to the most interesting places in Poland and abroad. I was open and curious of everything. I tried to profit from what was available in a small town. I was learning how to play the piano, I was dancing in the Ballroom Dancing Section and I was learning foreign languages. However, she chose her comprehensive secondary school not in Koluszki but in Łódź, in the Łódź Cultural Center (Łódzki Dom Kultury).

And what about music? It has always been present in her life. Her uncle has played almost all the instruments and her father has had a great voice. Her uncle gave her a keyboard when she was 9 years old and this is how she started learning how to play the instrument. Then, she started to attend private piano lessons.

When she finished classes in her secondary school she came back home to Koluszki. However, she was developing her music skills all the time. Thanks to the school location in the Łódź Cultural Center (Łódzki Dom Kultury) she had an access to many interesting artistic events. I watched film premieres and attended meetings with film directors. Different kinds of activities in music, art, dance classes were also organized there. I took part in contests and achieved my little successes.

When she was 16 years old her friend encouraged her to take part in the Polish Teens Beauty Contest. She won the contest in Łódź and came to the Polish finals where she was granted the title of “The Miss of Journalists”. Although she did not feel at ease during the contest, she knew that it was worth taking part in it as such a contest gives an opportunity to make many new friends. What is more, organizers decided to record the anthem. They listened to dozens of girls and finally chose me. I was shocked. I recorded the first recording in my life.

She sang the theme song of the contest and then she was taught by Dariusz Grabowski, the lecturer of the Music Academy in Łódź who had taught and had given advice to such famous vocalists as Urszula Dudziak and Kasia Stankiewicz. It turned out that Lidia was able to sing four octaves during the first lesson without any practice. Mr Grabowski told me that I had a very interesting voice and I was already very skilled and that I should think about singing in the opera. This is how I started learning classical singing.

When she was 18 years old she got to know Robert Janson. I was supposed to play a demo version in the studio. I prepared the recordings and went to the audition. After two months Robert Janson called me and invited me to another audition in Warsaw. I went there. I had not been fascinated with Janson’s music, the Various Manx music before. After the next audition I was told that we would record an album together.

The Various Manx leader wrote the song entitled “Niezwykły Dar” (“Extraordinary Gift”) especially for her. This song was broadcast by the nationwide radio stations. Lidia admits that they fell in love with each other at once. He took care of me. We started working together. He impressed me very much. The first album was created. Unfortunately only one single and videoclip to it appeared, the choreography of which was made by Agustin Egurrola.

When she passed her maturity exam, she decided to study the history of art despite her professor’s suggestions. What is more, she decided to study not in Łódź but at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. She started her studies but she soon moved to Łódź. She wanted to be closer to Robert. Unfortunately, they broke up after three years. I felt ready to break up but I have to admit that our relationship had a big influence on my musical development.

She came back to Koluszki. She was still a student and commuted to Łódź. Fortunately, she still attended Professor Grabowski’s classes and improved her voice.

Thanks to the acquaintance with Magda Pokora – Femme went to Michał Wiśniewski and it was thanks to these contacts that she was recognised. I went to concert tours with them and I performed in front of “Ich Troje”. It was a very harsh school of stage life.

Then the Germans started to be interested in her. In 2003 Lidia went to an audition to Hamburg where the music band “Kind of Blue” recorded its second album (apart from her there were two German instrumentalists in the band: Bernd Klimpel and Frank Spinngieß). She was employed at once. The music material for the album was ready but some extra songs – stirring, lyrical ballads – were written especially for her. Their first joint album entitled “Beating The Morning Rush” was released in Germany at the end of the year 2004 and it was well received not only by a wider audience but also by the critics. Their music band was considered to be the best German music band playing international pop by one of the most well-known German Bild magazines “Audio Video Foto”.

Lidia debuted with the single “Pocałuj mnie” (“Kiss me”) during the nationwide “Premieres” Contest in 2005 in Poland. She performed as a vocalist of the music band “Kind of Blue”. The press commented on her performance as follows: “It’s a pity that her voice is only for Germans!”.

In 2006 the album ‘Intuicja” (“Intuition”) was released and it contained 16 pop songs. Most of them were in English and four songs in Polish, the author of which was among others Jacek Cygan. The album was promoted by the singles “Sleep”, “Hold On” and “Twe milczenie nie jest zlotem”. – Before the album appeared on the market I was admitted to the TOP Trendy Festival 2006. I was in the final top ten. I sang two songs “Sleep” and the Abba cover “The Winner Takes It All”.

She was the winner chosen by the audience. – I got PLN 500 thousand in order to promote myself in Poland but my music label 5line ceased to exist and I returned to EMI. They released my album “Intuicja” (“Intuition”).

She started travelling and giving concerts in Poland. – I felt that I was alive. I had plenty of work.

In June 2008 her next album “Przed świtem” (“Before Dawn”) was released. This album was also made in Hamburg. – I really wanted to add more Polish songs to this album. The album was of great interest and was sold in large numbers. My songs were often breaking different record charts.

In February 2009 she got the second place in jurors’ voting and the first one in the audience voting and this is why she got the right of representing Poland in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009 in Moscow. Before she went to Russia she promoted her song not only in Poland but also in many European countries. Everybody expected her to win. Unfortunately, she did not make it. She got 43 points in the semi-final which placed her on the 12th position and she could not take part in the main part of the contest. – It was not a failure. I do not treat music as if it was a sport contest. I do not compete with anyone even when I take part in a contest. It was a very interesting experience and I have very fond memories of my stay in Moscow.

She highlighted the fact that the experience gained in the capital of Russia will bring her more benefits in the future. – When I came back from Moscow I still gave a lot of concerts. The audience reacted to my music very well and they made me feel that I had not disappointed them.

Although it was some time ago, Lidia is still a singer. In 2012 she accepted a new challenge but not a vocal one. She signed a contract and became an ambassador of the Alles company – the manufacturer of exclusive underwear. She replaced Natalia Siwiec who used to represent the company before.

At the beginning of the year 2014 she came back from Germany. She spent a couple of days in Hamburg. She met Berndem Klimpel, the leader of the German music band “Kind of Blue” there. – Having talked to friends I decided that it is worth adding something else to the already prepared material for the new album. We have been working fast and intensively. We managed to create two new recordings „Nie oszukuj się” and „Mały krok”. Both were recorded in Polish and English. The Polish lyrics were written by me. It is possible to say that the new album is ready. I am waiting for it to be released. I believe that my audience will like it.

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