AGE CONNECT & Lidia Kopania


Lidia Kopania (vocals, words)

Tomasz Łabanowski (guitar, arrangements)

Peter Surray (drums, bass, words, co-arrangements)


Originally from Germany, and living in Łódź, Peter Surray and Tomasz Łabanowski from Warsaw met in the summer of 2021. The meeting was so amazing that as AGE CONNECT it resulted in the creation of pop-rock songs full of energy and good vibes.

In September 2022, the musical paths of the band and Lidia (born in Łódź, a Varsovian from Koluszki) crossed, and so in January 2023 the idea of ​​​​cooperation as AGE CONNECT & Lidia Kopania was born.

They are currently working on an album and touring. Their first track is POWER OF DEVOTION. Since Germans, Austrian and Poles are involved in the creation of the songs, a Polish version of the song was also recorded, which is entitled NIEODDANIE.

The music of AGE CONNECT & Lidia Kopania connects generations, entertains, energizes, inspires and motivates, which is brilliantly seen and heard during their concerts.

They say about themselves: “We were not born too late, nor too early. We were born today!”

The motto of AC&LK is: 

We conquer the world because we are good, we are toll!

The AC&LK music team: